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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Would You Like To Have A Third Hand?

MIT Device Makes You a Superhuman With a Third Hand (+Video)

​The Robotic Symbionts project is trying to bring us one step closer to machine-augmented life.​

Jay Bennett | May 17, 2016

What if instead of one hand on each arm, you had two? That's what Sang-won Leigh is trying to achieve with his Robotic Symbionts wearable that he developed as a project for MIT's Fluid Interfaces course. 
The robotic hand (described as a "body integrated programmable joints interface") is equipped with 11 motors that can be rearranged and reprogrammed to satisfy different uses. The device can serve as a large extra finger or as an entire hand. It can sit below your wrist and clamp onto things to hold them still, or pick up objects while your fleshy human hand is left free to, I don't know, play with your phone. 


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