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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Facebook: Stories About News Filtering And Becoming A Digital Graveyard

Facebook Hides Conservative News from Its Homepage, Former Workers Allege

Cara McGoogan and Madhumita Murgia | May 9, 2016

Facebook suppresses US conservative political news when compiling trending articles on the site, former workers have alleged.
The social network has implied that the trending section that appears along the right hand side of Facebook's website is chosen by crunching data on a story's popularity and timeliness. However, a former contractor who worked on this team has said the stories are often filtered by human news curators, similar to the homepage of a news website.

Facebook Outliving

<more at; (Facebook is a growing and unstoppable digital graveyard. At some point, there will be more dead Facebook users than living ones – and for those left behind, it is transforming how we experience the death of those around us. March 14, 2016) and (Welcome to Facebook: The World’s Largest Digital Graveyard. May 4, 2016)>

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