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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Using Color To Your Advantage On The Web

The Business of the Brain on the Internet: Color Psychology

Erika Dickstein | May 25, 2016

[...] So, what is color psychology?
Here, understanding a little of the science can actually help.
Beware though, a quick Google search on the psychology of color will turn up any number of articles full of marketers and branding ‘experts’ making overblown claims about the magical powers of color. So, how does color really influence website user behavior?


<more at; related articles and links: (Color Psychology in Marketing: The Ultimate Guide. This is a two-part series that covers everything you need to know about color and how to use it in your visual content marketing (Part 1). [Part 2 is at:]) and (Consumer preferences for color combinations: An empirical analysis of similarity-based color relationships. Xiaoyan Deng, Sam K. Hui, and J. Wesley Hutchinson. Journal of Consumer Psychology. Volume 20, Issue 4, October 2010, Pages 476–484. [Abstract: In this paper, we examine aesthetic color combinations in a realistic product self-design task using the NIKEiD online configurator. We develop a similarity-based model of color relationships and empirically model the choice likelihoods of color pairs as a function of the distances between colors in the CIELAB color space. Our empirical analysis reveals three key findings. First, people de-emphasize lightness and focus on hue and saturation. Second, given this shift in emphasis, people generally like to combine colors that are relatively close or exactly match, with the exception that some people highlight one signature product component by using contrastive color. This result is more consistent with the visual coherence perspective than the optimal arousal perspective on aesthetic preference. Third, a small palette principle is supported such that the total number of colors used in the average design was smaller than would be expected under statistical independence.])>

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