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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

One Step Closer To SciFi: Promise Of Universal, Instant Language Translation In Your Ear

Pilot Bluetooth Earpiece Crowdfunds the Dream of Universal, Instant Language Translation

Fresh off last week's hyped-up teaser, the Indiegogo page for Waverly Labs' Pilot instant translation earpiece is now open and ready for your contribution

Justin Yu | May 25, 2016

We usually try to avoid feeding the crowdfunding hype-machine, but the Pilot language translating earpiece by Waverly Labs is too cool not to mention, especially because the Indiegogo page is now available for preorder. The concept realizes the dream of an instant, universal language translation device that's shown up in so many science-fiction movies that it's practically become a Hollywood trope.

Notice the red earpiece the woman is wearing. Source:

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