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Friday, May 13, 2016

New Mega-University In Paris

Paris Bets Big on Science and Technology with New Mega-University

Joseph Parilla and Marek Gootman | May 11, 2016

When asked how to create a great city, the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan said: “Create a great university and wait 200 years.”  It would be an understatement, then, to say that the fall 2015 launch of the University of Paris-Saclay—which merges 18 French academic and research institutions in one sprawling 30-square-mile research campus—heeds Moynihan’s words. As part of a Global Cities Initiative research effort to benchmark the Paris region’s global competitiveness, we visited the Paris-Saclay cluster to better understand this transformative investment.

Paris-Sacaly. "The university, south of Paris, is planned as a hi-tech "knowledge hub" to drive the French economy." Source; 

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