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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

World's First Virtual Reality (VR) Department Store

eBay Opens 'World's First VR Department Store': Online Shopping Redefined

Dave Calpito | May 20, 2016

Once more, eBay has redefined the meaning of online shopping by opening what it calls the world’s very first virtual reality department store.
Now, all users have to do is put on their “shoptacles” and they can already start shopping for products they want.
eBay took the leap to use virtual reality, and with the e-commerce site jumping into the bandwagon, shopping has become much better and more redefined for users.

"To persuade Australians to shop in the virtual department store, eBay has dished out 20,000 shoptacles, which are actually Cardboard headsets, at no cost. The company chose these headsets from Google since it’s more reasonably priced, as opposed to high-end VR headsets from Sony, Oculus and HTC. [from:] ." Picture source:

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