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Thursday, May 19, 2016

"" URLs Now More Secure

Bitly’s Branded Domain URLs Now Come with Secure HTTPs As Standard

Paul Sawers | May 18, 2016

[Blogger's note: See the earlier post in this blog at for a discussion about the problems with URLs as reported back in April 2016.]
Bitly, famous for its ubiquitous URL-shortening service, has announced that it’s partnered with LetsEncrypt to bring HTTPs links to marketers using its branded domain service.
With almost 27 billion links, or “Bitlinks,” shortened since launch, Bitly is probably the most recognizable link-shortening service on the Web. While anyone can shorten a URL through Bitly for free, Bitly has also emerged as a key tool for marketers to track how their content is being shared online and even drive traffic to mobile apps. But more than that, businesses have also been able to procure branded short links, where the “” or “” element of the URL is replaced by a company’s own shortened domain name.


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