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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Textbooks for $400

The New Era of the $400 College Textbook, Which is Part of the Unsustainable Higher Education Bubble

Mark J. Perry | July 26, 2015

A new milestone must have been established recently – we’re now officially in a new era of the $400 new college textbook and the $300 used college textbook, see graphic above showing the top 15 most expensive textbooks at the University of Michigan-Flint based on a new unpublished report by Matthew Wolverton, an electronic resource management librarian at the Thompson Library (UM-Flint’s library). 

How often are we going to use our $400 textbook?
<more at; related link: (The Dawn of the $400 Textbook and Helping College Students Fight These Costs. July 28, 2015>

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