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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Computer As Translator

Google Is Changing Its Approach to Translation

July 2015

According to the BBC's technology program Click, Google is making several advances in its approach to the way it does machine translation. In January of this year the BBC ran a report about Google as 'interpreter' (Google Translate 'turns interpreter' with voice function) The story stated, 
Google says its Translate app can now act as an interpreter, with the addition of a real-time voice-translation mode. It said the updated app would automatically recognise languages being spoken and translate them.
In the BBC Click program mentioned above, Google talked about building computers that understand the world. Currently Google does not try to 'understand language' as a whole, but breaks what is being said into logical phrases and sentences. This process was developed by 'reading' millions of documents. The new approach is an effort to understand the language being spoken as a whole and bring into the translation nuances and fine points.

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