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Monday, July 20, 2015

Oculus Rift: Will Create Films and Will Improve Hand Tracking

Oculus Steps Up Hand-Tracking, Film Efforts

Ben Lawson | July 16, 2105

...The first [announcement] is its acquisition of Pebbles Interfaces, an Israeli company working on hand-tracking technology. Pebbles' software actually creates a model of your hand as it tracks its movement and interactions within its environment. 
...The company has inked an agreement with Felix & Paul Studios, a strong sign that Oculus is pushing to build out its VR movie library. 

Oculus Story Studio is the Pixar of virtual reality.

[Blogger's note: Creating a VR movie is extra work, because the studio has to create absolutely every pixel the user can see since the user can look anywhere. Oculus lets the user see and hear the movie and soon the user's gestures will be a part of what he experiences.]

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