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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Implementing RFID at a Library

Turn Traditional 'Reserved Book' Management Into an Intelligent Service

An affordable way for a library to start an RFID deployment is to create a reserved-books section that functions as a small, independent, automated library inside the main facility.

Ling Chang | July 13, 2015

"Reserved book" sections in academic libraries are frequently regarded as a huge workload for librarians when books are assigned by professors or are simply popular among patrons. Most of these books are loaned for a shorter period of time. Therefore, librarians need to manage the reserved materials more often than with other circulating items. The process works like this: Librarians must first pick those books from the shelf, and then place them in a certain area behind the circulation desk. When a patron visits the library to pick up a reserved book, the circulation librarian needs to spend some time finding the correct book, and the patron must wait during that process.

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