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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hacktivists Dump Data from US Universities

Team GhostShell Hacktivists Dump Data from US Universities and Hundreds of Sites

The hacker group GhostShell is back, claiming to have access to billions of accounts, trillions of records, hacking sites and dumping data to show that governments, educational institutions and other sites still have shoddy cybersecurity

Computerworld | July 1, 2015

It’s been some time since Team GhostShell was active, but the hacker group kicked into high gear, referenced “dark hacktivism” and started tweeting about hundreds of hacked sites and linking to dumps with plundered data. The group should sound familiar as back in 2012 the hacktivists pounded on government agencies such as the Pentagon, NASA, ESA, the Federal Reserve and Interpol before dumping 1.6 million records.

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