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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Blue Light and Macular Degeneration

New research is showing that blue light contributes to macular degeneration to a far greater degree than previously understood.

The effects are greater the older the person affected. Blue light does not refer just to UV light, but includes our normal spectrum with indoor lighting and computer displays. In particular, LED lighting, which is becoming very popular due to energy savings and high output for the amount of electricity, introduces more blue light. The link below is just one example of a rather extensive inventory of research taking place now on blue light issues. A recent visit to the eye doctor was a chance to see non-power blue light filtering lenses for protection while working at computer terminals. It is expected that soon a blue-light blocking coating will be available for prescription glasses as well. They demo’ed using a blue laser how much light is blocked by the coated lenses. You might find the article below of interest. There are many others.


The Lowdown on Blue Light: Good vs. Bad, and Its Connection to AMD. (Review of Optometry. February 2014)

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