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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Information Society

FEATURE: The Information Society at the Crossroads

Emil Levine | September 8, 2015

The “quantitative precision (of information) and its breadth of application have come at a cost,” said Terrence W. Deacon, professor of anthropology and neuroscience at the University of California–Berkeley (UC–Berkeley), at the ISIS (International Society for Information Studies) Summit Vienna 2015. “[I]t has impeded its usefulness in fields such as evolutionary biology, cognitive neuroscience, the social sciences, and even the humanities … in order to provide the foundation for a theory of information that is sufficiently precise and formal … it is necessary to expand and slightly reformulate the technical concept of information in a way that accounts for these properties,” Deacon concluded during his presentation, “How Information Lost Its Meaning (And How to Recover It).” The theme of the summit, which was held June 3–7 at the Austria University of Technology, was The Information Society at the Crossroads: Response and Responsibility of the Sciences of Information.

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