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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Digitizing Netherlands' Audiovisual Archives

The Trouble with Digitizing History

The Netherlands Spent Seven years and $202 Million to Digitize Huge Swaths of AV Archives that Most People Will Never See. Was It Worth It?

Tina Amirtha | September 11, 2015

Driving through the Dutch countryside near the town of Hilversum, I have an overwhelming feeling that the surrounding water will wash out the road, given that my car is almost level with it. So it’s surprising that the Netherlands’ main audiovisual archives at the Sound and Vision Institute reside in a multilevel underground structure here, ostensibly below sea level.


<more at; related links: (Identifying digitization related costs. A reflective exercise. Trilce Navarrete Hern├índez. 8th European Conference on Digital Archiving, 28‐30 April 2010, Geneva) and (Images for the Future: Unlocking the Value of Audiovisual Heritage. March 16, 2009)>

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