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Monday, September 21, 2015

Minerva and MOOCs

How Minerva Challenges the Online Education Status Quo

In part one of a three-piece series, I consider how Minerva challenges the MOOC status quo.

William Fenton | June 4, 2015

With its founding class having just finished their first year, Minerva deserves a report card.
The Silicon Valley startup created a media flurry when it vowed to change "every aspect of the university-student relationship" after raising $25 million from venture capitalists, a sum dwarfed only by a B round of $70 million. But what exactly has all that capital enabled? Let's take stock of how Minerva challenges the MOOC status quo.


<more at,2817,2485293,00.asp; related links:,2817,2485757,00.asp  (What Is Online Learning Like? Ask the Students and Faculty.In part two of a three-piece series, students and faculty discuss their experience with Minerva. June 11, 2015) and,2817,2486177,00.asp  (Minerva's Challenge to Higher Education. In part three of a three-piece series, I consider the challenges Minerva poses to institutions and assumptions within higher education. June 18, 2015)>

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