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Friday, September 18, 2015

Classroom Technology

'We can't blame technology for the failings in the way it has been used in the classroom'

Technology and the computer are part of our world – we just need to learn how to make better use of them in the classroom

Peter Tait | September 16, 2015

The findings of the OECD think tank on the use of computers in schools, released this week, makes disturbing reading. Not only does it state that the use of computers in schools does not improve pupil results, but it can even drive them downwards.

Using data gathered from 70 countries, a clear correlation is established between the countries that spend less time using computers in the classrooms and those countries that sit at the top of latest PISA rankings: South Korea, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore (with the last-named ranking top for digital skills, despite only registering a moderate for its use of technology in school).

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