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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Library Resources in Turkey

Vast Knowledge of Ottoman Scholar Accessible Online

Zeynep Esra Koca | September 21, 2015

The ‘Farabi Digital Library' project is transferring the vast archive of Islamic History, Art and Culture Research Center onto a digital database which will enable the world to gain access to work of esteemed scholars.

Source: [About: IRCICA FARABİ digital library is a software Project developed through great care and effort of our expert crews. The project took three years in the making and the updating and the maintanence of the project still continues with ever increasing zeal and vigor. Our software is developed as a stand alone software enabling it to work as a software package in other digital libraries as well, fort he dorementioned purposes any instution that requests can install and setup FARABİ digital library software.]
Since its foundation, the library of Islamic History, Art and Culture Research Center (IRCICA) has adopted the latest technologies and made a name with its initiatives. In 1980, the library began to run "ILIS," Turkey's first library automation program as part of a project to computerize parts of its library. The IRCICA is now working on a new project to digitize its Ottoman materials.

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