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Monday, September 21, 2015

Museum of Post Mortem Skin Art

First Of Its Kind Tattoo Association Offers Members Ability To Preserve Tattoos Post Mortem

PR Newswire | September 17, 2015

Over the past couple of decades, tattoos have rapidly grown in popularity. According to a recent Harris poll, one in five U.S. adults have at least one tattoo. Nearly all demographics have embraced skin art and appreciation for tattoos crosses political, social and economic lines. As such, a new association has formed in response to the growing needs of this community – including the desire to preserve their art after they're gone. 

The Tattoos
 [Oetzi] The Iceman’s body is covered with 61 tattoos. They have the form of groups of lines or crosses. Unlike modern tattooing methods, the tattoos were not produced with needles but by means of fine incisions into which charcoal was rubbed. Most of Ötzi’s tattoos are located on parts of his body that must have caused him pain during his lifetime due to degeneration or disease.

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