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Friday, September 25, 2015

Soft Exoskeletons

Soft Exoskeletons Tested by Army (+Video)

Greg Watry | September 25, 2015

Trudging through the Maryland woods, the soldier carried a bulbous pack. He held a gun in his hands. But something was different. Cables hung around him, extending from his pack to his pants.

A trampoline accident left Kollin Galland paralyzed. But thanks to his very own exoskeleton, which cost $65,000, he’s able to sit and stand, and do things with family and friends. Someone has to be with him at all times. Here his father, Gary Galland, walks behind him to make sure he’s OK. In Sugar House, Monday. Feb. 2, 2015. Source:

At the Aberdeen Proving Ground, scientists are performance testing a battery-powered soft exoskeleton.

<more at (Quadriplegic teen walks again thanks to exoskeleton. April 20, 2015) and (Walking again with the next generation exoskeleton. August 21, 2015); further: (Brain translator lets paraplegic man walk with own legs again. September 24, 2015)>

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