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Monday, September 7, 2015

Google Docs Research Tool

How to Use the Google Docs Research Tool on Android

Want to add a quick quote or image to your document? Google's new Research tool has you covered.

Nicole Cozma | September 7, 2015

Google just added a new Research tool to its Docs app on Android. The new tool will allow you to place quotes or images in your documents without leaving the app. This is very handy if you're working on a longer research project, a party invitation, or a worksheet for students. Here's how to use the new tool...


<more at; related links: (Do quick research in a document or presentation. In a document or presentation, you can research and refer to information and images on the web without leaving the file. This feature is available on computers, Android phones, and Android tablets.) and (How Google Docs' research tool removes drudgery from reports and presentations. February 6, 2015); further: (Google Docs picks up new research tool, voice typing on the web. September 2, 2015)>

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