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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Tractor Beam for Real?

NASA Partners with Hoverboard Company to Build Real-life Tractor Beam

Arx Pax Company | September 4, 2015

Arx Pax, creator of Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) and hover engine technology, announced that it has entered into a Space Act Agreement (SAA) with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The purpose of the collaboration is to use Arx Pax’s MFA to create “micro-satellite capture devices” that can manipulate and couple satellites from a distance. This can be achieved by using a magnetic tether between the objects.

Hendo hoverboard by Arx Pax, the company that is teaming up with NASA to build a tractor beam. Source:

<more at; related links: (The Infinite Possibilities of a Limitless Technology. We bring technology to the world in ways most have never envisioned. We change the way people work, play and live. We achieve this through our proprietary
Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA™) technology.) and (Nasa to Develop Star Trek-Style 'Tractor Beam'. September 7, 2015)>

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