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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Data Is Changing The Food We Eat

How Data is Changing the Food You Eat

A look at how big data impacts food production and how people eat.

Linda Gimmeson | March 8, 2016

You’ve likely heard at some point how big data is set to change how you live. On the surface, that may sound like one of those exaggerations people make about new technological advancements as a way to sell the idea, but in the case of big data, the statements hold some significant weight. In other words, it’s not just a theoretical concept but something playing out before our eyes. Take the case of food as an example. Something as simple as what you eat is being greatly affected by the use of big data, usually in ways that are easy to overlook. Data is indeed changing what you eat, where you eat, even how you eat, and the overall impact it could have not just on your life but the lives of everyone else is enormous.

Jeff McGee buys a Climate Corporation subscription to monitor his fields in Brandenburg, Kentucky. Source:

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