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Monday, March 14, 2016

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Languages

Artificial Intelligence and Language

Vasco Pedro | March 12, 2016

[...] While many predictions and ideas put forward in sci-fi have come to life, artificial intelligence is probably the furthest behind. We are nowhere near true artificial intelligence as exemplified by the characters mentioned above.
Sometimes it seems like we’ve been waiting forever. We can ask Siri or Google or Cortana simple questions and they will answer, but everyone who’s used that technology eventually comes away disappointed. We thought Siri was the future when it first came out, but these days, most of us barely use it beyond simple Google searches and dead simple tasks, like setting timers. [...]

Bill Gates said that AI is a real threat. He disputed Microsoft's Research Chief, Eric Horvitz (see TED Talk below) who said that AI `fundamentally' is not a threat. What does that mean? Fundamentally?

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