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Friday, March 25, 2016

3D Printed Clothing

New York Fashion Week: New Movement in 3D Printed Fashion By ThreeASFOUR, Travis Fitch and Stratasys (+Video)

Michael Swack | February 16, 2016

3D printing and fashion have walked hand in hand down a few runways around the world. But today’s premiere of two unique 3D printed dresses by breakthrough fashion designers threeASFOUR and Travis Fitch together with Stratasys at New York Fashion Week are creating a new exciting reality in fashion and design. Both dresses - ‘Pangolin’ and ‘Harmonograph’ - form part of threeASFOUR’s highly anticipated ‘Biomimicry’ collection and were produced with Stratasys’ unique multi-material, multi-color Connex3 3D printing.  A nano enhanced elastomeric 3D printing material, commercially available later in 2016, gave the dresses both durability and flexibility – redefining what is possible in design, art, fashion and many other industries including education, consumer goods, consumer electronics, and medical devices.

“The first time I used 3D printing, it completely changed my thinking. It freed me from all physical limitations." Source:

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