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Monday, November 2, 2015

Virtual Reality (VR) Exhibit at Grande Bibliothèque

Virtual Reality Exhibition by Robert Lepage Marks Grande Bibliothèque's First Decade (+Video)

Marian Scott | October 23, 2015

Don a headset and tour 10 of the world’s most fascinating libraries. Montreal’s Grande Bibliothèque is holding a 10-month virtual-reality exhibition to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Reporter Marian Scott explores. Photos by John Mahoney.
With more than 28 million visits since it opened on April 30, 2005 — twice as many as originally projected — the Grande Bibliothèque has become an indispensable cultural landmark.
Now the mega-library atop Berri-UQÀM métro station is fêting its first decade with a virtual tour of 10 libraries around the world created by legendary director Robert Lepage.

From the Museum of the Moving Image: Sparked by recent developments in digital technology, companies and creators are exploring ways to extend storytelling beyond traditional screens. Sensory Stories invites visitors to encounter new immersive technologies and creative experiments that engage sight, hearing, touch, and smell. These virtual reality experiences, interactive films, participatory installations, and speculative interfaces offer insights into a possible future where stories engage more of our bodies than just our eyes and ears.  Source:

<more at; related links: (Sensory Stories: An Exhibition of New Narrative Experiences. Exhibit showing on April 18-July 26.) and (102615-1027_city_library_at_night-1027_city_library_lepage-W.jpg. Robert Lepage at the Grande Bibliothèque at the opening of the La blibliotheque, la nuit exhibit, which uses virtual reality technology to bring viewers to 10 libraries around the world. October 27, 2015)>


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