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Monday, November 23, 2015

Google Report: TV Teaches Girls Not To Like Computer Science

Google Proves That TV Teaches Girls to Not Like Computer Science

Girls are less likely to consider a career portrayed as the haven for geeky boys.

Emily DeRuy | November 17, 2015

A new Google re­port that in­cludes sur­veys of par­ents and stu­dents con­duc­ted by Gal­lup sug­gests that ste­reo­types per­petu­ated by TV and movies foster mis­lead­ing per­cep­tions about who is cap­able of pur­su­ing com­puter sci­ence.
Gendered ste­reo­types furthered by tele­vi­sion and film por­tray­als of com­puter sci­ence as nerdy or for boys only seem to have real-world im­pact. Most stu­dents sur­veyed re­port see­ing primar­ily White char­ac­ters en­ga­ging in com­puter sci­ence, while a sig­ni­fic­ant num­ber also see Asi­an char­ac­ters. However, just 7 per­cent of stu­dents say they see Black or Latino com­puter-sci­ence char­ac­ters most of the time. The lack of di­versity on shows that young people watch also feeds in­to a lack of con­fid­ence among young people who don’t see them­selves re­flec­ted in those por­tray­als.


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