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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Readbug: "Spotify for Magazines"

Readbug Wants To Be Spotify For Indie Magazines

Natasha Lomas | November 21, 2015

[...]London based Readbug is another startup with publishing industry expertise firing its engines. Co-founder and CEO Matthew Hammett has a background launching small and big magazine titles. And his startup pitch can be summed up very concisely — as ‘Spotify for magazines’.
Specifically independent, cult and classic magazine titles — so not the garish mass market fare you’ll find rammed in your eyeline at the supermarket checkout screaming about celebrities and cellulite. Readbug bills its aggregated digitized magazine content as alternative/aspirational stuff, read by “creative and curious” types. And Hammett says it’s deliberately “handpicking and curating” the titles it wants to repackage and distribute on its platform in order to establish its own editorial voice — as well it must to stand a chance of pulling eyeballs in an era of free info overload. [...]


<more at (Readbug - Cult, Classic, Independent and Award-winning Magazines for the Creative and Curious. By Readbug Limited) and (rj mitte. can't is a four letter word)>

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