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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Startups and Campus Donors: Do Libraries Get Bypassed?

The Startup Craze Has Alumni Writing Checks for Entrepreneurs Instead of Libraries

Kate Groetzinger | November 3, 2015

In the Age of Innovation, Stanford University seems to be the lucky beneficiary of the startup buzz in Silicon Valley. The school attracts top-notch students and faculty with the promise of proximity to the nation’s highest concentration of venture capital, while investors flock to Palo Alto in search of the next big idea. But Stanford isn’t just capitalizing on its prime geographical location. The Silicon Valley we know today was created by Stanford faculty and alumni.
Now schools across the country are beginning to build similar entrepreneurial ecosystems. Successful businesses from far-flung universities, as well as increased infrastructure to support entrepreneurship on campus, are prompting alumni to look for ways to help their alma maters become the next Stanford.

[...]“People who have been successful entrepreneurs are less interested in writing blank checks to build a library today,” Collins told Quartz. Instead, they want to encourage budding entrepreneurs to follow their own paths. “They’re saying, ‘I want to build the next generation that looks like me,’” he said.

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