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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Are Programmers Introverted?

Programmers Are a Tiny Bit Introverted, But Otherwise Agreeable

Meta-analysis finds link with openness, not neuroticism or disagreeableness.

Cathleen O'Grady | November 3, 2015

“Prevalent stereotypes describe software engineers as socially inept introverts that are single-mindedly focused on computers,” writes psychologist Timo Gnambs in the Journal of Research and Personality.
When it comes to rewards, the study has found that the vast majority of developers prefers virtual rewards (badges, levels, leaderboards points, etc.) to physical ones (cash, vacation, software). Two thirds of the developers incline towards recognition from their peers... Source:

This assertion is likely to set software engineers (and those who love them) yelping in indignation for two possible reasons: the perceived inaccuracy of the stereotype or the sense that this stereotype is so stale that everyone's tired of hearing about it. But Gnambs decided to do something about it, testing whether there's any association between personality traits and programming.

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