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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Toyota Neckband To Help The Blind

Toyota's Horseshoe-Shaped Neckband May Help Blind People Get Around Buildings (+Video)

Andy Boxall | March 7, 2016

Toyota is working on a wearable device that will make it easier for blind people to navigate around building and indoor spaces, filling the gap between a guide dog and a cane. It’s called Project Blaid, and it’s shaped like a large horseshoe, and worn around your neck. Think of it like an oversize set of LG Tone Infinim headphones, or a motor racing—style HANS device.
The idea is to help blind people find there way around complex interior spaces more easily. Guide dogs are amazingly versatile, but they’re no good at finding the bathroom, or knowing which floor a particular shop or office is on. The cane is essential too, but again, can’t distinguish between one escalator or another.

Toyota BLAID

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