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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Is Telephathy In Our Future?

Making “Blackout,” an Interactive VR Film That Gives You the Power of Telepathy (+Video)

Justin Cone | December 9, 2015

[Blogger's note: The possibility of 'telepathy' today depends in great measure on what you define the word to mean. Currently it is possible to control objects from the brain, in some cases using implants, in others using eye gestures. Transmitting these activities to someone else is certainly possible. Do we currently have a a receiver for these transmitted events? This right now is the crux of what may turn out to be telepathy.]
Specular studio is searching for the holy grail of virtual reality: combining live action footage within a real-time, interactive context. And they’re getting close.
Up to this point, most VR has been either “passive” (360-degree pre-rendered videos that the viewer watches without interaction) or “active” (fully interactive, game-like experiences). Like many things they do, Specular is attempting to blur those lines with their newest project, Blackout.
In order to pull off this Herculean feat, Specular is seeking support via Kickstarter as they continue production and refine their hardware-software system, DepthKit, which has made the entire project possible.
Talking to Specular is deeply inspiring. They are artists, technologists and filmmakers in equal measure. Our interview with them has something for everyone.

Scence from the film "Blacout". Source:

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