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Friday, March 4, 2016

Durable 3D Printers For Library Makerspaces

Thinking Beyond the Desktop: University Libraries are Turning to Fusion3 Industrial 3D Printers to Make a Makerspace that Will Last

Scott J. Grunewald | March 1, 2016

[...] despite any superficial similarities between the two, libraries and classrooms are actually two extremely different environments with very different purposes and sets of requirements — especially as many libraries seek to enhance their available services by offering fully equipped makerspaces. While it may seem odd for libraries to start offering their users access to manufacturing equipment, in reality bringing in new technology is par for the course. To put it simply, the purpose of a classroom is to educate while the purpose of a library is to make available the tools to educate.
The distinction between a classroom and a library may not seem like much, but understanding that distinction is vital to any company hoping to serve both. Classrooms regularly bring in a wide variety of educational materials, including tools, computers and most recently 3D printers. However, these are all elements of a pre-set curriculum and play specific, and often limited or restricted, roles in the overall educational plan developed by the faculty. Libraries, on the other hand, have no set curriculums, and those who visit them generally do so of their own volition and are often in search of very specific educational materials and equipment. While the tools and equipment that an individual library will offer has always varied from location to location, one thing about libraries has always been consistent: they will always make efforts to offer their users as many educational tools as possible.



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