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Friday, March 11, 2016

Amazon Is Expanding

Amazon Leases 20 Boeing 767 Freighters for Shipping Service

Chris Scott Barr | March 9, 2016

When a good portion of your business relies on you being able to ship items quickly and inexpensively, you have to get creative. For years, Amazon has been pushing the envelope on how they ship products to their customers. Well now it seems that they're ready to lease 20 Boeing 767 aircraft to take their shipping to the next level.Last December, rumors suggested that Amazon was looking to start their own shipping company. Today, it seems that those rumors were founded, as Air Transport Services Group Inc announced that they were, in fact, leasing 20 of their aircraft to the online retailer. The leases for the jets will range from between five and seven years., Inc. is about to become a supply-chain powerhouse, the e-commerce retailer is in talks with Boeing to lease 20 of its 767-freighter jets. Source:

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