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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Toyota + Microsoft Partnership: New Data Science Company

Toyota Is Forming a New Data Science Company in Partnership with Microsoft That's Designed to Free Customers "from the Tyranny of Technology."

US News & World Report & AP | April 4, 2016

Toyota is forming a new data science company in partnership with Microsoft that's designed to free customers "from the tyranny of technology."
The company called Toyota Connected has a goal of simplifying technology so it's easier to use, perhaps even getting rid of distracting and complicated touch screens that now are in most cars and replacing them with heads-up or voice-activated technology, said Zack Hicks, the company's CEO who also is Toyota Motor America's chief information officer.
"I think people are really tired of fumbling with multiple devices and having this disjointed experience," Hicks said as Toyota announced the venture on Monday.

Toyota partners with Microsoft on new data science company, Toyota Connected. To advance its work in data analytics and connected cars, Toyota recently partnered with Microsoft on a new company based in Plano, Texas called Toyota Connected. (April 4. 2016).  Source:

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