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Monday, April 25, 2016

Data Visualization And Language Choice

Is There A Language Divide In Data Visualization?

More Thoughts From Baseball Visualization Challenge 2016

Corsair's Publishing | April 20, 2016

Search the web for examples of data visualization and the results you will see are overwhelmingly in English. Some of this is clearly a function of the platforms used to perform that search, but in contrast, I often find myself needing to translate content when I am researching topics like history, philosophy, and to a lesser extent analytics.
Along the journey, I have found great tools for translating German, Swedish, Portuguese, and even Latin. It was not until I got involved with the #BaseballViz2016 Challenge that I encountered something I hadn’t come across before… Spanish.

Visual-Baseball Project. (Baseball Grafika Book: Excel Dashboards. February 27,. 2016) Source:

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