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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Google Glass Is Very Active -- Augmedix: Augmented Reality (AR) In Healthcare

Augmedix Nabs $17M to ‘Rehumanize’ Doctor/Patient Relations Using Google Glass

Ingrid Lundren | April 25, 2016

Google Glass is no longer being marketed to consumers, but its enterprise business continues to pick up pace, and today one of the more promising companies developing medical services using Google’s connected eyewear is announcing a significant investment in its technology, which aims to “rehumanise the interaction” between doctors and patients by pulling physicians’ faces away from their computer screens, according to its CEO.
Augmedix, a startup out of San Francisco that has developed a platform for doctors to collect, update and recall patient and other medical data in real-time, has raised $17 million in a strategic round.

"With Augmedix-Dignity Health deal, has Google Glass gone mainstream?" Source:

<more at; related articles and links: (Google Glass: Glass at Work, Glass Certified Partners) and (Augmedix: About Augmedix. [About: Augmedix simplifies how physicians use EHRs by providing a technology-enabled documentation service for health systems and doctors. We are on a mission to re-humanize the doctor-patient relationship, and address the largest pain-point in the US healthcare system – the burden of documentation. The Augmedix service saves doctors an average of 15 hours per week, enabling them to see more patients and spend more time with their existing patients. What we see as a result is increased provider satisfaction, improved patient experience, higher quality patient notes, and timely note completion. We are partnered with several national health systems, with happy users from Alaska to Florida, serving tens of thousands of patients per month.])>

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