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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Plant Intelligence Is Powering This Artificial 'Life'

This Cybernetic Lifeform Is Powered by Plant Intelligence (+Video) | April 25, 2016

Cities like London can often feel like urban jungles with scarce amounts of green spaces.
But researchers from the Interactive Architecture Lab at University College London are exploring a future scenario where “cybernetic lifeforms” that are “half garden and half machine” roam our urban cityscapes, co-existing alongside us.
Hortum machina B is a robotic geodesic sphere covered in plants. 

The robotic “brain” consists of an array of electrodes that allow it to monitor the physiological responses of the plants to their environment, such as to reactions to stimuli including light, humidity, and temperature. Linear actuators then move the sphere by shifting its centre of gravity.

hortum machina B: a kinetic urban cyber-gardener that senses its surroundings

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