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Friday, April 8, 2016

Preventing Seizures

IBM Wants to Implant Fake Brains in Real Brains to Prevent Seizures

Cade Metz | April 7, 2016

Talk about neural networking.
In Melbourne, Australia, Stefan Harrer is running an artificial software brain atop an artificial hardware brain in an effort to analyze a brain that isn’t artificial at all. Ultimately, he and his colleagues envision merging these three brains together so that the artificial can augment the real.
Harrer is an IBM researcher stationed at the company’s Australian research lab. Together with neurologists at the University of Melbourne, he’s developing a computing system that can analyze your brain waves in an effort to predict epileptic seizures.

TrueNorth Chip Core Array. Introducing a Brain-inspired Computer: TrueNorth's neurons to revolutionize system architecture. Source:

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