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Monday, April 11, 2016

Changing Lifestyles: The Disappearing Launderette

All Washed Up... It's the End of the Launderette: Just 3,000 Remain across the Country Because 97% of Homes Now Have Their Own Washing Machine 

Number of launderettes in the UK peaked at around 12,500 in the 1980s. Liberal Democrats are calling for greater protections for UK’s launderettes. Relaxed planning rules means some of the shops are turned into homes.

Sean Poulter | April 10, 2016

The launderette, a mainstay of high streets and TV soaps since the war, is threatened with extinction.
The fact most homes – 97per cent – now own a washing machine means people no longer need somewhere else to wash their smalls.
At the same time, a relaxation of planning rules means developers are racing to convert the little-used launderettes to homes.


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