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Monday, January 11, 2016

Praying Mantises Watch Movies

Praying Mantises Watch Movies While Wearing Tiny 3-D Glasses

Amina Khan | January 9, 2016

Hollywood might have a whole new target audience for 3-D movies. Scientists have outfitted praying mantises with old-school 3-D glasses and showed them video clips to find out whether these tiny animals can see the world in three dimensions.
The results, described in Scientific Reports, show that vertebrate animals -- including amphibians, birds and mammals such as humans -- aren’t the only creatures sporting stereoscopic vision. The findings could offer new insight into the evolution of this remarkable ability in invertebrate animals, and lead to new algorithms to program 3-D vision into robots.

Photo: A fly wearing glasses
[March 28, 2006] Photo in the News: Housefly Gets Glasses Made With Lasers. Source:

3D Glasses

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