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Monday, January 18, 2016

Augmented Reality And Sound

Want to Hear Augmented Reality? Try Out Here Active Listening Ear-buds

Joshua | January 15, 2016

Here Active Listening ear-buds will now bring augmented reality to your ears. Developed by Doppler Labs, this device can be considered as one of the top wearables that were displayed at the CES this year. It will help you get an amazing audio experience and you will feel like you have been transported into a different world altogether.
Playing with Sound: You can check out the audio simulation here to understand how Here will work. You will get effects like Flange, which could lend a psychedelic quality to a boring lecture and Reverb, which can make you feel a small room’s sound like a huge concert hall. The controls are also simpler, like increasing or decreasing bass or treble and manual EQ controls, just like you would do to hear music in your smartphone.


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