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Friday, January 29, 2016

Robot With Talent

Alpha 1s, A Programmable Humanoid Robot That Sings, Dances & Does Kung Fu (+Video)

Glen Tickle | December 14, 2015

Alpha 1s by Ubtech is a programmable humanoid robot that sings, dances, and does kung fu, or whatever other moves its human master can think of. The robot comes with 3D editing software for programming its movements, and can be controlled with an app. Alpha 1s can serve as an educational tool as the user learns to program a robot from scratch.
The Alpha 1s robot is available in our Laughing Squid Store for a 41% discount off its list price and free shipping. [Blogger's note: See eBay link below for a price of $484.00.]

"The First Humanoid Robot Designed For Family. Programmable. Interactable. Affordable." On eBay. Source:
<more at (UBTech Alpha 1S Humanoid Robot)  and (Alpha 2, the First Humanoid Robot for the Family!)>

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