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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pakistani Version Of YouTube

YouTube Launches Pakistani Version, Paving Way for Lifting Ban

PhysOrg | January 13, 2016

Google has launched a localised version of YouTube in Pakistan, potentially paving the way for the country's top court to lift a ban on the site over "blasphemous content".The site was blocked after "Innocence of Muslims" was uploaded, an American-made film that depicted the Prophet Mohammed as a thuggish deviant and triggered protests across the Muslim world—including in Pakistan, where more than 20 people died in demonstrations.Google said Tuesday users in Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka would see a new YouTube homepage featuring local content in native languages.

Management of Google organization has settled to offer a local version of video sharing website YouTube for Pakistan conditional on firm guarantees provided by Government of Pakistan. If situations set forth by Google and YouTube management are met, Pakistani internet users will be able to access a local search engine, as Source:

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