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Monday, January 11, 2016

Unbundling In Higher Education

Is Unbundling Higher Ed's Next Big Disruption?

Tara Garcia Mathewson | January 7, 2016

[...] MIT is among the universities unbundling traditional programs to offer students more flexible options. It announced a Micromaster’s credential in supply chain management to students who take the first half in MOOC format and then attend the final semester of the program on campus. As the concept of unbundling becomes more popular with students, it will surely become more common on all types of campuses. [...]

This article [see: “The Dismantling of Higher Education,” by William K.S. Wang (Improving College and University Teaching, Volume 29, Number 2, Spring 1981, pages 55-69)] – which was written over three decades ago – anticipated some of what we're beginning to see as we apply technology to the higher education... Source:

<more at; related links: (Will Unbundling Kill Higher Ed as We Know It? The competency-based education marketplace eschews the bundled approach of traditional degrees, instead promising to produce workers adept in just the right skills employers want. Education expert Ryan Craig believes that unbundling could destroy all but a handful of colleges and universities. January 6, 2016) and (Unbundling. . . and Reinforcing the Hierarchy? March 27, 2013)>

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