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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hair Extension for Data Transmission

Hair Extensions Let You Text Without Interrupting Your Conversation

Hairware is next to tap into the wearable tech sphere via a superbly connected weave

Lara Piras | June 1, 2015

The wearable technology trend knows no bounds with the concept now coming to the fore within the beauty sector. A new brand named Hairware, with the tagline, “The conscious use of unconscious auto-contact behaviors,” is now translating hair-related gestures into modern-day messaging techniques.

Hairware: The conscious use of unconscious auto-contact behaviors Normally, while someone touches her own hair, unconsciously she is bringing comfort to herself and at the same time is emitting a non-verbal message decodable by an observer. However, when she touches on Hairware, she is not just making this unconscious behaviour because she will be triggering an object.  Source:

<more at (Hairware. Project: Beauty Technology.) and (Hair today, communication trigger tomorrow. Nancy Owano. April 11, 2015); further: (Like something out of a James Bond flick, these hair exensions can remotely control electronic devices. April 9, 2015)>

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