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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mobile Solutions for Providing Technology to Underserved Communities

Can Ed-Tech Inequality be Solved by Roving Buses with Wi-Fi and Loads of Equipment?

Beyond books: Libraries take to the streets with mobile computer labs, Wi-Fi, coaches

Chris Berdik | October 21, 2015

Before retired teacher Estella Pyfrom, 78, would answer questions about her “Brilliant Bus,” a computer-packed rig she drives to take education technology to Florida’s most underserved communities, she made this point: “This is not just a bus. It’s a movement.”
Pyfrom is a long way from her oft-stated dream of a Brilliant Bus in every city. But the movement is real, and it’s rolling. A growing group of leaders from nonprofits, schools and libraries have stared down that infamous “last mile” between the digital haves and have-nots and thought, “Why not drive it?”


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