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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Using Data Explosion Effectively in Healthcare, Humanitarian Aid

Healthcare to Humanitarian Aid: Making the Data Explosion Work for Us

Data isn’t just about retail analysis – when used in scientific applications it has bigger uses from targeted personal health treatment to tackling poverty and disease

Nick Clarke | September 29, 2015

[...]The modern economy runs on data. It has changed how we shop and travel, how governments make decisions, and how companies develop everything from drugs to shampoos. But there is much, much more it can do.

(IBM) Watson Discovery Advisor for Life Sciences. Accelerates breakthroughs by making connections and drawing relationships between different sources of data so your organization can discover something new. Source:
This is one of the biggest scientific opportunities of our time, but we are missing out because people don’t think of it as a scientific issue. This is a shame, since the history of science is one of collecting, testing, and understanding data. By better applying our hard won knowledge of the scientific method to data generated from our everyday lives, we can live longer, transform economies and reduce inequality.

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