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Monday, October 19, 2015

Extending the Capabilities of the Human Eye

Camera Reveals Hidden Details Invisible to the Naked Eye

University of Washington | October 15, 2015

Peering into a grocery store bin, it’s hard to tell if a peach or tomato or avocado is starting to go bad underneath its skin.
But an affordable camera technology being developed by the University of Washington and Microsoft Research might enable consumers of the future to tell which piece of fruit is perfectly ripe or what food in the fridge is going rotten.

HyperFrames taken with HyperCam predicted the relative ripeness of 10 different fruits with 94 percent accuracy, compared with only 62 percent for a typical RGB (visible light) camera. Source:

<more at; related links: (Affordable camera reveals hidden details invisible to the naked eye. Could be added to a future camera for about $50. October 16, 2015)>

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