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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Digital Humanities

Debates in the Digital Humanities

Matthew K. Gold, Editor and Project Director | [2013 as a hybrid/print publication]


2013 Open-Access Edition
Published in January 2013, the open-access edition of Debates in the Digital Humanities marked not just the opening up of the printed text, but also the debut of a custom-built social reading platform. Going beyond the basic task of making the contents of the printed edition accessible, the OA platform makes the text interactive, with key features that allow readers to interact with the text by marking passages as interesting and adding terms to a crowdsourced index.

The OA platform marks a significant shift for Debates in the Digital Humanities in that it moves it from a single printed edition of collected essays to an expanded, ongoing digital publication stream that the Press plans to draw upon to publish both future editions of collection and other publications on more focused DH topics. While the first iteration of the digital platform contains only the content of the printed text, an expanded edition with new additions will appear in March 2013.
To learn more about the 2013 Open Access Edition of Debates in the Digital Humanities, please visit our launch post on the News page.

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